Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am a few days off and I do apologize, where did we leave off?

Oh yes, had the lab blood drawn Monday, Tuesday had to do a TB skit test and shot for work so at this point I should be ok with needles right?

WRONG!! Went in for my Brest MRI Wednesday and she started the IV on my left hand and something about my veins rolling so she started on my right and started digging and the last thing I remember was it was hot and the room was getting dark and closing in on me.
That wasnt a good way to start being stuck on your tummy while your boobs(what little there are) hang in open holes for an hour. 45 minutes in the anesthesiologist came in to add the solution and once it was in the veins the shakes started so my fear is that those images wont be right. I just gotta pray.

So I did try going back to work but evidently PALE isnt my color and got sent home. Was sick all night just nautious and shakey and tired very tired.

This morning woke up feeling like a champ and it makes you appreciate waking up and feeling good knowing how you felt when you went to bed at 8:30 pm like 3 hours before your normal bed time.

Tomorrow is the funeral at 10 then I go visit my Dr. at 1:20 for results then on to Wichita for some friend time, no matter the results I am ready for that. just crop, relax and laugh all much needed.