Saturday, January 17, 2009

I realized I skipped yesterday but I was seriously busy. I made a challenge with Susan that we had to have 5 page kits packed ready for Ganza by midnight tonight. So I call her about 8 last night and I am journaling and eating popcorn not packing kits AND SHE WAS DOING THE SAME THING!! How crazy is that?

So I got down to the nitty gritty this afternoon and got 6 kits done pretty happy bout that. I have been using a new magazine I bought by Scrapbooks Etc called "Page Planner" and it is WAY COOL!! Loving the new inspiration.

Was devastated to read last night that after April Simple Scrapbooks will be no more. Stacy Julians blog tells the story I just got a pit in my tummy and got sad, I am a simple gal and always will be and it just breaks my scrapbooking, paper piercing, linear layout heart.

Anyways now I need to dedicate my time to getting some studying done, no work Monday for me Carlee is out of school but my sis in law Traci is a teacher and works so she is bringing Dayne and Josie over to hang out. thinking about working the child labor laws and making cookies :)