Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a new day but not much more info. I am sitting here thankful for my husbands positivness because I have none at all. I know it will be all ok it always is right? and you are never given more than what you can handle so I know i can. I have no regrets leaving Husky Liners over 6 months ago I have learned so much as far as dental assisting and medical and mental health so I will have a nice array of qualities to offer while I pawn myself looking for a job. lots of people and families are facing this so I gotta be positive and press on.

had an awesome Crop Camp meeting with Shandra and Kathy and am excited about Spring Crop Camp and the t-shirts which I hope to show you all soon.

Going to bed now the Dentist and I saw 15 patients today and I am exhausted.