Monday, January 12, 2009

So Its Monday ya rah.

Worked today, my mom isnt felling too well and left early.

Got home and sat down to dinner and the phone rant. SERIOUSLY no matter what time I eat this happens every night and I am always reheating my dinner never fails.

Carlees best friend has lice and scabies, she hasnt been here since New Years but still concern is there for me a bit ya know. We saw the full scale of lice in kindergarten and it was weeks before we were free of it. Not sure what to do crying seemed optional and having the itchies ALL OF US suddenly do.

Got 10 pages done in an album for Tyler Groom and his mom. He is the 17 year old who recd a heart transplant last year and is doing FABULOUS they documented and saved everything mainly in fear of loosing him but she held and organized everything better than I would have. Me I would have been distraught and cried alot she documented everything its amazing the pics and articles and cards.

Well off to study and itch and study and panic