Sunday, August 29, 2010

Antsy Pantsy

Thats pretty much how I have felt most of the week. I dont do well waking up on Saturday mornings with nothing "TO DO". I cleaned the kitchen and floors yesterday and Carlee and I did lots of damage control. So I wake up on Saturday morning at 7:30am and beg the Bed Gods to let me sleep a little more. Dont know why I do this I always dream about my cell phone not working, not being able to wake up to function and doing erotic things with the Hubby. I know weird, im so disturbed when I wake up its not even worth it. Then I do finally wake up and its like 10 and Im like now what. I have really read alot over the last year. Since my little incident last August I have knitted so that was my destiny today.

Off to Mulberry Creek which is located here in Winfield with knowledgeable ladies and gorgeous yarn, they let me pet it ALOT when I was in the cast/sling and couldnt knit, so it was time. So here is the latest project I have been wanting to knit bath rugs that dont fall apart so we shall see how it goes.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

crawled up the side of my house. down she came again as quiet as a mouse. she made this gorgeous web just for me to share. but by dawn there was nothing there. so thank goodness for you and I, I took gorgeous pictures so you would see it was not a lie.

Laura Elephant Juice may help me to understand why her color didnt show but I am glad her web did because its just so gorgeous. By morning when I wanted to show Carlee it was all gone :(

Today I was brave and went shopping with Carlee and my mom. I was quiet and supportive and helped as much as I could. Some of the places like Hollister were too much for me so I snuck to look at Coach purses at Dillard, JUST TO LOOK sure are pretty tho.

I am reading this book so far its slow going but we shall see. Any information has got to help in this age of tween/teen. Right?


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where did I go? Grandmas Birthday too

Somedays I dont even realize how long its been since I posted. I hope with school starting things will be more regular and I can sort my head to reflect. Want to share pictures from last night. We took my grandma to eat at Kobe's in Derby.It was alot of fun, the ride home not so much. I saw lightening alot closer than I ever care to again. The rain made it difficult for my dad to see to drive us home. We were all nervous wrecks. It hadnt gotten to Winfield yet by the time we made it home so we got to enjoy it again but luckily from the safety of our home. WHEW
This is the face of Lena. She was jealous that other people were at the mall at Build a Bear and she didnt get to go.