Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

crawled up the side of my house. down she came again as quiet as a mouse. she made this gorgeous web just for me to share. but by dawn there was nothing there. so thank goodness for you and I, I took gorgeous pictures so you would see it was not a lie.

Laura Elephant Juice may help me to understand why her color didnt show but I am glad her web did because its just so gorgeous. By morning when I wanted to show Carlee it was all gone :(

Today I was brave and went shopping with Carlee and my mom. I was quiet and supportive and helped as much as I could. Some of the places like Hollister were too much for me so I snuck to look at Coach purses at Dillard, JUST TO LOOK sure are pretty tho.

I am reading this book so far its slow going but we shall see. Any information has got to help in this age of tween/teen. Right?