Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steff~ When you have time please make a note to yourself to call me. I have left some messages at the store for you but I know you are busy so when you have time.

So its getting closer, I had to go get 2 more gallons of paint to complete my hallways. The flight of stairs was quite a convincer, just doesnt seem right to have a ladder leaning over stairs and I am suppose to feel safe climbing up each rung as it creaks. Way scary trust me.

My goal this week is to get prepared for the July Cropper Hopper class. I am soo excited because there are new products out again already so I will be rewriting the class preparing for it and going over the old ciriculum to the new. Way exciting for me and a nice break from painting thats no doubt.

Got to crop for a few hours on Sunday I hope to get those posted in the next few days. I have a whole box full of layouts that need to be scanned and saved as my goal this year was to be published in Simple Scrapbooks but its already almost June!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Yep even the organized girl is a little messy sometimes. This is 10 days after our move and I have the whole house pretty much unpacked so guess what is next that I have already spent 3 hours on just this evening...

This first picture these windows overlook the park by our house and bring in a heckuva a breeze. That chest my dad built and it stores 12x12 albums the completed ones and has a drawer in the bottom for pics and the top divided out too for more stuffs. Cause you know I got lots.

The next one is my book shelf as you can see everything is a work in progress here.

#3 My lovely cubes. I have 3 more coming that are just open to store work in progress albums my dad is making those.

Picture #4 is the computer and hodge podge desk pretty obvious huh? Its a built in with drawers WAY over 12 inches wide and tall. SO SO happy about that one.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Too good not to share. My latest blog habit http://www.dooce.com/ seriously this chick is funny. She isnt an everyday poster and some days its more than once but some seriously funny sheit if you ask me.

HI to Liz and Steff, thanks for the support girls I know I am only a 34A and a once or twice a week poster but good friends are like bras you love em and handle them with more care then most possesions in your life.

Another softball game last night and yep sure enough she got hit, but those $10 shin guards paid off. My niece was there I was nice enough to give her $2 and send her with my mom to the concession stand and she got a pixie stick taller than her and a popsicle. Her dad calls Pixie Sticks kiddie cocaine and thats just about right. I guarantee they were peeling her from the ceiling last night at bedtime. Mind you she topped that stuff off at 9 pm. BACK to Carlee she did get to bat and got an RBI(learned that term from DH last night :) and played several positions so I am thankful that her coach lets the girls try different positions so they can get the feel for it all.

So my goals this weekend are to paint my door, front entry way and hang some stuff. Gotta take out some ivy because its eating our shingles and clean out the flower bed full of weeds. Gotta transplant some of the ivy to Ryans grandmas she wants it on her fence. I guess someone told her not to because it will eat the wood on the fence and in 20 years the fence will be destroyed. She told them in 20 years she will be dead, she is 80 and doesnt care about how it will be in 20 thats what she wants now. She cracks me up!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I know I know. Long time no post. But does anyone ever really read this? Anyways.. The Cropper Hopper Class will be in Andover in July. Please check with them to get signed up. My goal the next month is to reprepare for this class because its pretty much all new because of the new organizational products going on out there.

Carlee had her 1st pre-season softball game and the fear I had for her came to light and happened last night. I guess God thought "Well we dont want Alicia having a panic attack everytime Carlee plays so we will let her get hit with the ball once and just get it over with" and TADAA!! It happened right in the leg and to Carlee it was like a trophy. Then our pitcher threw the ball and the girl hit it right into her face, got her right on the left eye. I seriously dont take enough medication for this honestly.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

7 Days Ladies and anyone new~

So the question was asked from Steff what is "7 Days". Well the official name was {7 Days~168 Hours~10,080 Minutes} and for one week in July last year we all kept track of things we did. Like hours worked, how many loads of laundry done, what we ate, what we paid for gas and groceries. Our daily habits etc. We had sheets we filled out and kept track of even the weather. We took pics to hilite certain things and then we got together and combined them into an album. We all decided we would do it again and I wanna stick to that promise to those of you who loved it and for those of your friends who want to do it again. I cannot stress the importance of what a week in your life is like, for you to see and your family as well. I couldnt even imagine what I would see had I kept track of the hours of painting and cleaning and moving we are and have been doing but I have documents LOTS!! I will be sending out an email when I can get my bearings to everyone in my email acct so we can begin getting #'s together and preparing for the pre-class to get all your paperwork and then you will have a month until we meet again. THis gives you 4 weeks to choose from to track. I am hoping to work in conjunction with the Attic Girls about product and stuff for us and we may just pay them for our kits if everyone is ok with that. Well Let Me Know TATA

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

HI STEFF!! Look at me I am blogging!

SO here is the latest quick updates. This Thursday May 10th I teach in Winfield at the Arts and Humanities Council 6 pm. You must preregister if you want a kit cause I gotta get it made up the day before.

Steff and I talked today and we WILL be doing another Cropper Hopper Get Organized Challenge class. We are looking at an all dayer in July so check with the store and here for finalized details. The ciriculam has changed since January as well as product so I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to be rocking this class again.

7 Days girls~ If you took this class last year or want to this year EMAIL ME PLEASE I am working on a day and a location so that is determined by the amount of ladies involved :)

Thursday, May 03, 2007

WOW! Where do I begin. I think since I last posted we have been thru approximatly 15 gallons of paint. The main rooms are done, the hallways will get done once the furniture gets moved in. I plan to have our red accent wall done this weekend and will no doubt do a before and after so you can see the dramatic results and what a difference that can make.
We are taking a break this evening Carlee has her music program this evening so we are focusing our time on her. We are doing an open house on Sunday for our old house hopefully to get some prospective buyers so we shall see. Lots to do no doubt. But all well worth it for that first night we spend in our new home together, that I can't wait for.