Friday, May 18, 2007

Too good not to share. My latest blog habit seriously this chick is funny. She isnt an everyday poster and some days its more than once but some seriously funny sheit if you ask me.

HI to Liz and Steff, thanks for the support girls I know I am only a 34A and a once or twice a week poster but good friends are like bras you love em and handle them with more care then most possesions in your life.

Another softball game last night and yep sure enough she got hit, but those $10 shin guards paid off. My niece was there I was nice enough to give her $2 and send her with my mom to the concession stand and she got a pixie stick taller than her and a popsicle. Her dad calls Pixie Sticks kiddie cocaine and thats just about right. I guarantee they were peeling her from the ceiling last night at bedtime. Mind you she topped that stuff off at 9 pm. BACK to Carlee she did get to bat and got an RBI(learned that term from DH last night :) and played several positions so I am thankful that her coach lets the girls try different positions so they can get the feel for it all.

So my goals this weekend are to paint my door, front entry way and hang some stuff. Gotta take out some ivy because its eating our shingles and clean out the flower bed full of weeds. Gotta transplant some of the ivy to Ryans grandmas she wants it on her fence. I guess someone told her not to because it will eat the wood on the fence and in 20 years the fence will be destroyed. She told them in 20 years she will be dead, she is 80 and doesnt care about how it will be in 20 thats what she wants now. She cracks me up!