Thursday, May 10, 2007

7 Days Ladies and anyone new~

So the question was asked from Steff what is "7 Days". Well the official name was {7 Days~168 Hours~10,080 Minutes} and for one week in July last year we all kept track of things we did. Like hours worked, how many loads of laundry done, what we ate, what we paid for gas and groceries. Our daily habits etc. We had sheets we filled out and kept track of even the weather. We took pics to hilite certain things and then we got together and combined them into an album. We all decided we would do it again and I wanna stick to that promise to those of you who loved it and for those of your friends who want to do it again. I cannot stress the importance of what a week in your life is like, for you to see and your family as well. I couldnt even imagine what I would see had I kept track of the hours of painting and cleaning and moving we are and have been doing but I have documents LOTS!! I will be sending out an email when I can get my bearings to everyone in my email acct so we can begin getting #'s together and preparing for the pre-class to get all your paperwork and then you will have a month until we meet again. THis gives you 4 weeks to choose from to track. I am hoping to work in conjunction with the Attic Girls about product and stuff for us and we may just pay them for our kits if everyone is ok with that. Well Let Me Know TATA