Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Steff~ When you have time please make a note to yourself to call me. I have left some messages at the store for you but I know you are busy so when you have time.

So its getting closer, I had to go get 2 more gallons of paint to complete my hallways. The flight of stairs was quite a convincer, just doesnt seem right to have a ladder leaning over stairs and I am suppose to feel safe climbing up each rung as it creaks. Way scary trust me.

My goal this week is to get prepared for the July Cropper Hopper class. I am soo excited because there are new products out again already so I will be rewriting the class preparing for it and going over the old ciriculum to the new. Way exciting for me and a nice break from painting thats no doubt.

Got to crop for a few hours on Sunday I hope to get those posted in the next few days. I have a whole box full of layouts that need to be scanned and saved as my goal this year was to be published in Simple Scrapbooks but its already almost June!