Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yes I procrastinate. But it seems some of my good work comes out of it. I still need to color in the squares where the letters are I think? Should I?

This is for the Aweso{me} Class I am taking Saturday. This is one of 2 challenges. So bear with me I hope the other surfaces tomorrow night.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I dont know why its tiny. I guess it feels sorry for the itty bitty horses and us riding them. I knew the minute I saw it I was ridin that pony!!

So less than 3 days until the Aweso{me} class and I have no good pics of me. They all suck so now what. Sould I not go? Leave the spaces blank?

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prayers Please.

A man who does painting for my dear hubby and dear father in law was in a serious wreck last night please say prayers for himself and his family.

Yes Steff I will change the header on my blog when someone sends me a pic of myself from the weekend. I dont have any. Someone out there has one of me taking a bite of a whole cheeseburger and fries :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Back!! Did you all miss me? Well some of you didnt cause you were with me.

Many thanks to soo many people, ALL the Attic Girls thanks for such a great time!! Best weekend in 4 EVAH!

To Liz and Tracy thanks for the "bar" and the great laughs can't wait to see you at Crop Camp

To Brenda and Miechelle the best 2 pairs of buns thru a window I have seen in a long time!

To Diann, Susan and Kathy you 3 make the best roomates and are just too much fun at happy hour

To Shandra seriously chickee you are the party"HELLO" the best traveling bar and liquor store

To Cheri~you look wonderful and are soo creative wanna see that Route 66 Album soon!

To all the "Trailer Trash Girls" this got me soo psyched for Crop Camp and I think our own Heidi Swipe needs to give hand writing lessons. And Vickie, Rita and Donna I will have coffee and other beverages and snacks "BUT" only cause you all are always a good time.

TO EVERYONE who took the organizational class I wanna hear your feedback after your first crop away from home after organizing your scrap stuff :)

Pics with Elvis to come hopefully someone will send them to me. Hint Hint I didnt take one pic!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This one is for Amy cause you are an inspiration to french pedi girls all over!! Yes that is my tattoo too!

Well I am guessing I wont be posting again until Monday but I should have pictures of me and the king by then.

To my dh Ryan. Thank you for being cool and not minding my get aways, I still hate you are home alone and I will miss UFC Saturday with you. Love you!

Good Reads:
Ok I have never been an avid reader but have totally been on a kick lately with 3 I have read over the last month. SERIOUSLY!!
So here are my top 4readers in no particular order:

1 Bergdorff Blondes by Plum Sykes
2 Debutante Divorce' by Plum Sykes
3 Nanny Diaries Emma McLoughlin and Nicola Krause
4. Friday Night knitting club Kate Jacobs

I finished the Nanny Diaries last night I got it monday thats how good it is. Seriously.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Yep I think thats how they feel when I leave. You always hope your husband, child and dog miss you soo much its like at the end of Wife Swap and they are soo happy to see you they are beside themselves. But I am sure its more like the reaction Blue has here. Ho Hum you are leaving, see you when you get back after I have a really really long nap all weekend long.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So I got this idea from here and couldnt wait to purchase one. Oh wait but they arent available for a couple of months!

HELLO!! Crop A Ganza is next weekend. So $3.98 at Wal-Mart and my old eyelet setter and hammer (cause the Crop A Dile wouldnt reach in that far) and I am unveiling my ribbon Chia pet. But she needs a name. Any suggestions?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lesson for all ladies who read this: NEVER EVER leave your bra unattended or overnight at a friends house in your scrap bag. Someone will envariably find it and then another someone will help someone #1 put it on a bear and then soon realize that the bear's chest wont fill out the bra so there for it requires its paws to fill the cup!!

As you know this wasnt my bra or Susans so any guesses?

PS Liz I still love you chickee!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some more pics from Saturday to cheer us all up right?

Thanks for the understanding yesterday from everyone somedays you just feel under appreciated and that noone listens to you especially if you constantly have to repeat yourself.

Well we meet with Carlee's home room teacher this evening. She will have 3 because she is going into the 5th grade and its like a middle school Jr high type of situation. She and I both are excited I am just worried that more attitude will ensue.

Got to spend some much needed talking time with dear hubby last night we every once in a while get to do some talking that isnt about the days etc this is important stuff. I love just sitting there sometimes and watching him work on drawings because he is so talented and smart more than he allows himself credit

I have ALL my page kits packed for Crop A Ganza pretty darn excited now I gotta spend a week deciding what to wear. UGH

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random blogs for some reason its making my pics small.
Dont know why makes me impatient some time.

So we are a little over a week from Crop A Ganza. I am wondering if my
Carlee and Ryan are secretly excited to get rid of me. I feel like I have just been
a grouch and a nagger lately I guess if I notice it I need to change it.

I repeat myself alot at work with customers and such so by the time I get homeI dont want to do it all evening so I just try to stay to myself and be patient but some days are harder than others. Geesh
Here is an example i get sent a call "This is Alicia how may I help you" the response "yes who am I speaking with?" DUH I JUST SAID IT!!
or "This is Alicia how may I help you" the response "Whats your name?" DUH HELLO! Pay attention stay focused!
Or Wait here is the classic one we get alot "I need a part # for blah blah blah" My response "Ok your part #'s are blah blah blah" Customers response "Hold on let me get a pen and paper" WTH!! You called me for a part # how the heck were you going to remember it? Write it in blood on your sales counter!

Monday, August 13, 2007

What an awesome weekend. Here are some shots from my Grandmas 80th birthday party. This was her 1st ride ever in a Corvette I am soo glad I was able to take her for a spin even though I am a nervous wreck driving it for fear of something happening to it :)
The girls did so well keeping themselves enertained with bubbles and driving the Barbie jeep around and up and down the side walk.
Carlee enjoys making Lena put on anything that makes her look silly
which is soo hilarious to me.
The bottom pic is my dad and my
grandma as we were grilling for dinner.
Grandma sure looks good and still goes 90 to nothing for a lady in her 80's I hope to have 1/2 that energy.
Just wanted to say thanks to Susan for alot of cropping fun Friday night and Saturday morning. It helped to keep my mind busy while Ryan was away and I got things accomplished.
Tomorrow I will post a pic of Susans teddy bear in Shandras bra it was great!! We had to use his paws to fill the cups but Hey you do what you can right?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dont go into shock I did seriously post 2 times in one day I know I promise there wont be anything more crazy today happen then that.

I wanted to share this layout I did. I submitted it to Simple Scrapbooks for their Simple Schemes section so a moment of silence that some day I will make my accomplishment of being posted with them some day.

If you havent read the 1st post from today please do and check the blogs too!

If you havent visited the Attic Girls lately please go here now------> lots of info lots of things going on and we are soo close to Crop A Ganza I seriously am almost packed thats how excited I am.

Then after that get to know this chickee she is one talented girl and before you know it she will be well know in the industry. LOTS of talent there. She is going to teach the aweso{me} class at the Attic and I will be there so if you wanna carpool just give me a holla!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


a good friend of mine and some you may know Susan Camp has 3 beautiful Bichon babies. Well one of her darlings has been pregnant and delivered 6 little ones. Unfortunatly one of the little ones didnt make it and momma never woke after her c-section. Susans family is caring for 5 little ones and bottle feeding them every 2 hours in hopes to watch them all grow up. Please say a small prayer for all the Camp family it has been really difficult for them and drop a card if you could they would appreciate the support and thoughts.