Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Prayers Please.

A man who does painting for my dear hubby and dear father in law was in a serious wreck last night www.newscow.net please say prayers for himself and his family.

Yes Steff I will change the header on my blog when someone sends me a pic of myself from the weekend. I dont have any. Someone out there has one of me taking a bite of a whole cheeseburger and fries :)


wolffx5 said...

Definantely will send prayers your way! I for sure need them back for my boy! Not only for his arm and his getting around, but for my patience! Read my blog! OK...so Steff says bring everything you can fit into your car to class! REALLY? Give me more details please. Email me if you want! awolff1@cox.net

Liz S said...

Prayers are going their way.

Now I think it was either Paula or Brynn who took that picture of you being a piggy wiggy.


aday said...

I may be skinny but I LOVE FOOD!!

Mel Kel said...


Loved to see the pictures from Ganza - it was great to see you!

Melissa K