Monday, August 13, 2007

What an awesome weekend. Here are some shots from my Grandmas 80th birthday party. This was her 1st ride ever in a Corvette I am soo glad I was able to take her for a spin even though I am a nervous wreck driving it for fear of something happening to it :)
The girls did so well keeping themselves enertained with bubbles and driving the Barbie jeep around and up and down the side walk.
Carlee enjoys making Lena put on anything that makes her look silly
which is soo hilarious to me.
The bottom pic is my dad and my
grandma as we were grilling for dinner.
Grandma sure looks good and still goes 90 to nothing for a lady in her 80's I hope to have 1/2 that energy.
Just wanted to say thanks to Susan for alot of cropping fun Friday night and Saturday morning. It helped to keep my mind busy while Ryan was away and I got things accomplished.
Tomorrow I will post a pic of Susans teddy bear in Shandras bra it was great!! We had to use his paws to fill the cups but Hey you do what you can right?


Liz S said...


That's the right car for you. You have tons of energy and that car has tons of horsepower!!!

The girls look adorable.