Thursday, August 02, 2007


a good friend of mine and some you may know Susan Camp has 3 beautiful Bichon babies. Well one of her darlings has been pregnant and delivered 6 little ones. Unfortunatly one of the little ones didnt make it and momma never woke after her c-section. Susans family is caring for 5 little ones and bottle feeding them every 2 hours in hopes to watch them all grow up. Please say a small prayer for all the Camp family it has been really difficult for them and drop a card if you could they would appreciate the support and thoughts.


Christie said...

Oh my gosh! I can't sleep so I was checking out your blog and now I want to cry! I hope that at least the babies are doing ok for Susan and her family! I was frustrated with my two overgrown bischon puppies, but now I am just going to hug them and love them extra! I will be praying for all the pups, and their best friends too!