Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm Back!! Did you all miss me? Well some of you didnt cause you were with me.

Many thanks to soo many people, ALL the Attic Girls thanks for such a great time!! Best weekend in 4 EVAH!

To Liz and Tracy thanks for the "bar" and the great laughs can't wait to see you at Crop Camp

To Brenda and Miechelle the best 2 pairs of buns thru a window I have seen in a long time!

To Diann, Susan and Kathy you 3 make the best roomates and are just too much fun at happy hour

To Shandra seriously chickee you are the party"HELLO" the best traveling bar and liquor store

To Cheri~you look wonderful and are soo creative wanna see that Route 66 Album soon!

To all the "Trailer Trash Girls" this got me soo psyched for Crop Camp and I think our own Heidi Swipe needs to give hand writing lessons. And Vickie, Rita and Donna I will have coffee and other beverages and snacks "BUT" only cause you all are always a good time.

TO EVERYONE who took the organizational class I wanna hear your feedback after your first crop away from home after organizing your scrap stuff :)

Pics with Elvis to come hopefully someone will send them to me. Hint Hint I didnt take one pic!


Liz S said...

OH MY GOSH, you're a riot. I am physched about Crop Camp and becoming trailer trash with you!!!!

I think I have started a new tradition for Crop A Ganza, the bar! That was so much fun.

Loved the butts, NOW TAKE THOSE SHOWERS!!!! LOL.


Paula said...

You had already left :(
when the gals had a contest to see who could run to the front with certain scrap supplies as they were called out loud.
Thanks to your class, I won one of those!!!
The challenge was to bring forth a pink argyle ribbon, exactly 1 inch long. With my ribbons now organized, I was able to grab the ribbon, then the scissors, and yes RUN to the front, cut an inch off and hand it to Kate for the win!! Yea!!!!!! I won a 12x12 Box Album.
An I can't say enough about the the "Idea" book you had us put together. With that I was able to win the weekend challenge by the attic gals. My entry into the 12x12 category won 1st place. I used a layout idea I had cut out of a magazine and put into my idea book under "3 or more pics".
So I guess I owe both my wins to you! Kudoos to you and your class!
I'm checking my calendar to see if I can attend your crop camp. Let you know soon.

Liz S said...


You have to come to Crop Camp, it's as much fun as Ganza. Be sure to bring the boys, I'll desperately miss them by then, LOL.

PS: I'll make sure I take a trip to Victoria's Secret ;)