Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random blogs for some reason its making my pics small.
Dont know why makes me impatient some time.

So we are a little over a week from Crop A Ganza. I am wondering if my
Carlee and Ryan are secretly excited to get rid of me. I feel like I have just been
a grouch and a nagger lately I guess if I notice it I need to change it.

I repeat myself alot at work with customers and such so by the time I get homeI dont want to do it all evening so I just try to stay to myself and be patient but some days are harder than others. Geesh
Here is an example i get sent a call "This is Alicia how may I help you" the response "yes who am I speaking with?" DUH I JUST SAID IT!!
or "This is Alicia how may I help you" the response "Whats your name?" DUH HELLO! Pay attention stay focused!
Or Wait here is the classic one we get alot "I need a part # for blah blah blah" My response "Ok your part #'s are blah blah blah" Customers response "Hold on let me get a pen and paper" WTH!! You called me for a part # how the heck were you going to remember it? Write it in blood on your sales counter!


B-squared said...

hope your week gets better alicia :)!

breathe, exhale...two weeks til cropaganza!



aday said...

2 WEEKS!! dont say that its 9 days :)

Liz S said...

Tell us how you really feel!! LOL

I totally understand. Makes you wanna scream CLEAN OUT YOUR D*** EARS!!

See you at Cropaganza!!


Steff & the gang!!! said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS!! I TOTALLY know what you mean!! I've had that all week LONG!! SERIOUSLY!! I think we could start a world wide movement!! Take a deep breath - a shot of tequila and life will be better!

B-squared said...

#21A learn how to count again (didn't ya see it on the l/o?)

see ya in NINE days but first...

the kids go to school TOMORROW!
the kids go to school TOMORROW!

okay enough singing...