Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I dont know why its tiny. I guess it feels sorry for the itty bitty horses and us riding them. I knew the minute I saw it I was ridin that pony!!

So less than 3 days until the Aweso{me} class and I have no good pics of me. They all suck so now what. Sould I not go? Leave the spaces blank?


Scrap*Funattic said...

DUDE, you GO!!! Have your DH take some of you TONIGHT!! GEt all dawled up and take them!!!! DUH!!! How do you think Summer got hers?!?! We are always BEHIND the camera - get in front of it!!!!!

wolffx5 said...

You have to go! Steff is right! You have to get in front of the camera. Even though it is hard! Then...hit the Walmart machine to print!! :)~

Summer said...

WHAT???? Not come???!?!?!? I think not!!! I want to see you girly!! Take those pictures!! You've got a couple of days you can do it!