Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookies and Crafts 2010

Lena and Carlee
 Thanks to all of you who have kept our family in your prayers lately. Mayo was a promising trip and my in laws will be returning to get some follow up stuff done. Nuff said we just appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

Today was the Annual Cookies and Crafts at Dan and Kathy Johnsons house. We had a blast. As you can see lots of cookie decorating; lots of crafting. About a dozen kids and seven ladies and it was great. Not stressful; just alot of fun kaos :)

The adult ladies did a Cookie exchange my first ever. It was worth baking 7 dozen cookies let me tell you all the different yummy cookies I got in return were well worth it. The girls got into the hot tub after; only the little ones though dang it. I still havent got to get into that tub! If I dont post again before Christmas I wish you all the best and love with your family! XOXO
All the yummy cookies

My beautiful ornament

Carlee Hot Tubbin

Lena Hot Tubbin

Kathy, I and Gina

Monday, December 06, 2010

So much going on~Father In law

So Saturday at noon Traci my sister in law and mother in law and father in law left for Rochester, Minnesota. They checked KG into Mayo clinic at 6:30am this morning and a lot of tests began. They found out that his tremors are not Parkinsons which we are thankful for, but no explanation to it either. The infectious disease doctor believes that he should be feeling ALOT better with how his Histo levels are, since he isnt they believe that how he feels is caused by something else. So this is where the investigating begins. They took blood; urine and cultures from his lypmh node under his arm where it has been draining.

Tuesday (Tomorrow) at 11:15am he will get a CT Scan done.

On Thursday at 4pm they will meet with the specialist to go over all of the tests.

Monday at 9:30am he will get a full internal exam; unless someone else cancels and IF they are sitting right there in the waiting room when they do, he will get in sooner.

They are staying at a Hotel right connected to Mayo which gives them an underground tunnel entrance to Mayo which is nice because the high in Rochester is like -12 degrees. YES NEGATIVE NO TYPING ERROR HERE!

Wanna say thanks to the Biddles for all their support; My Family the Strobels we took Josie out for a Strobel evening since her Mama is gone. Bless her heart we had her out until 11pm Saturday night; looking at lights; eating out, shopping etc. Pretty sure we passed her bed time. My dad mentioned at 8:45pm that it was passed his bed time. She said it was real close to hers LOL

Keep the prayers going and I will keep my blog updated as Ryan gets them during the day.


Monday, November 29, 2010


Yep its true I am at it again. I figure if I can help 10 scrapbookers we all will feel better about ourselves and the time we have to cherish our families memories(I am tearing up a little here)

So thank you to those who have in the past spent a full 8 hours with me I know I can get a little annoying LOL at times but it was all for own our good right? And if you have shared with your friends what it did for you well please do again.

To those of you who have heard about the "magical" accomplishments that occur during this class its time its your turn to join me. On Saturday January 8th at 9 am we will begin. We will organize everything. Paper, photos, embellishments, tools everything that fits into your car. 18 wheelers not allowed ladies there is no parking for one, HEHE let alone more than one.

This class is limited to 10 and does fill up FAST, I have already shared the info with some. Since its been 3 years since I last taught, products have changed and we have changed. SO call the girls at Scrap Funattic in Andover at 316-733-0029 and tell em to sign you up and prepay for your spot to save your table. I also give each person in the class 30 minutes of my undivided attention to help with the things that stump you. I promise you that you will be a better organized and accomplished scrapbooker because of this.

Please post any questions here or tey me at 620-222-2580 and I will touch base with you when I am off work in the evenings. I do work some 12 hour days so please be patient.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Hello Out There

Lots of coming and going I know and some days I am not sure which way I am suppose to go.

So if you are interested I am teaching again!! So excited, I think I need a purpose outside work and my home and this may help to ease that. So January 8th, 2011 at Scrap Funattic we are going to get ORGANIZED!! Almost 8 hours to get everything, organized so you can use it, purge it, cause you need to loose it and prepare to crop so you can be amused at your pages!!

When for a vaginal sonogram today thats why I am home at 1:30 pm with a warm pack on my belly and my feet up. Those just are not fun unless there is a baby in there. WHICH THERE ISNT AND WONT BE! So dont wanna start any rumors.

I am reading this book ----->The Help that I picked up from the library yesterday and am already entranced with it. So good thing cause we all know I do not sit still well :)


Sunday, November 07, 2010

Once Again..Its over!

Crop Camp was this past weekend and it has now passed. Its time to begin thinking about Spring Crop Camp now and the fact that we will be returning to Oklahoma after 2 years. This time we are gonna be in Cowboy Country, Stillwater Oklahoma. I am thrilled, nervous and excited to say the least. When you venture into new territory it always holds that element of unknown that I wonder about.

Yes this is me enjoying a Smeeses(I made that up) its a smore but no hersheys you use a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup!! YUMM!

I must say I am very blessed with friends and family. Over the last year or so has been very difficult in many avenues and I had cut myself off from alot of these women. Their amazing concern and passion and understanding and faith offered to me over the weekend was just amazing. The hugs and smiles, the way they can always bring out the silliness in me and I can just let go. There is never the pressure to complete pages, the friendship was all I needed. Shandra came up with movie night last night and I watched "Date Night" with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. It was great and I would do it all over again. I completed a project here and there.

I did start to finalize plans with Kristy from Scrap Funattic on a full day organizational class so LOOK OUT!! I am back to get you organized and prepared for the spring crops coming our way!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

So today...I ask for help

So this picture is just to make you SMILE! Its hanging on Shandra's Wall in her scrapbooking area and I love love it!

I am really posting to get advice from my friends who know me and call me a friend. Not to get into too much, I was born, baptized and raised catholic. I never really understood it or was ready to I guess. But things in life change you and when you need guidance the only way to look is up.
Problem is that I do not feel comfortable asking for help from someone I do not know.
I am a studier and that I have been doing, I am a TO DO list person and I have made one for myself.
What I ask from you? Prayers and advice.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Past and Present..Not Welcome

So I have held out sharing these. I guess because its difficult for me to imagine this is my one and only child. As you can see in the first picture she looks quite different. That picture was taken in August of 2009. The next 2 were taken on the first day of 8th grade and it doesnt seem like its the same child. It seems every year she looses the chubbiness in her face and is just a little more less cuddley. I totally get when people arent into hugging and snuggling with me, cause its not squishy I realize now its like a rectangle box with sharp corners.

Now she is 13 due to be 14 in January. The attitude is different but I can still make her laugh. Due to an experience this evening she will NEVER tell me she has hiccups. LOL I was just driving along thinking to myself "Wonder if I scared her what would happen" so driving along I let out a blood curdling scream and she screamed about to total tears. I am still laughing. Mean yes, entertaining yes, scarring her for life? Probably, but hey we both laughed to tears after. And it makes her think to always expect the unexpected.


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Because some things are just TOO FUNNY not to share

This was on a sign as I was driving into my hometown of Arkansas City, KS. OMG I had to pull over, regain myself and take a pic!!

Monday, October 04, 2010

So it begins..

Mondays here seem to be the engine that starts the Indy 500 Car for the long race. Work:I decided to make myself leave at 3:30 (I should be real withmyself on this one because its always 15 mins later than planned) 3:45 I am leaving the hill.
I went home and got the chicken marinated; it in the oven; coleslaw salad made; hamburger browned for the Taco Soup going into the crock pot for lunch and dinner tomorrow and that all ready to roll. Picked up Carlee at 5:30 brought her home to eat and change then to softball practice by 6. Back to clean up dinner and the damage control of the house and then pick her up at 7:30. At this point its 9 and I gotta start slowing down. Usually I plan to be in bed by nine; considering my next 2 days consist of 10-12 hours days of dental assisting.

Excited for the weekend even though its just Monday. Mandy and Kirks wedding reception is this weekend and I am just so excited for them both I cannot wait. Carlee and I are ready for some country fun.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Filled Weekend

 This is my cousin Jason, he is the oldest; My sister Carrie, she is 3rd; Me(silly) I am 4th; Jevon he is 2nd and Dusty he is the 5th and the baby of all of us. My dad was an only child so as far as 1st cousins go these guys were like siblings to my sis and I. TRUST me there are tons more pics but this is just the Cliff Notes of my weekend. More lata
Here are all the 2nd cousins. The children of all those listed above. I have some editing to do. I took like 5 pics and am still trying to figure my favorite and wanna do some cropping. Ratio 5:3 5 boys, 3 girls and I believe that will be it for this family...I think...

This is my dads side. His first cousins were like aunts to me and their kids like cousins to me and my sister. Not all got to be present with the ALL WOMAN get together. We were missing Allison but she is newly married and getting her life going. Back row:Aunt Beulah(Aunt Boo) Carol Jean, My sister, my mom, Carlee and Connie. Front row Me, Lilly, Lena and my grandma.

This is Miss Carlee and Brodie. Brodie is Carlee's stepmoms son with her husband Zac. For those who know me this makes sense so thats all that matters. She loves Melissa and loves this little cute 10 day old boy as much and my mom and I did kissing and snuggling him.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ok I wanna see more people join the Trailer Hood...Prize

So D.Curtis and L.Fox Hall have decided to join the Trailer Trash girls and be a member of the Trailer Hood. Who else will be joining them and myself?

Well they will qualify for a drawing for a nice prize who else would like to have a prize? HMMM?


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Crop Camp Ladies Listen Up!

The Trailer Trash Ladies could possibly become extint!! Please dont let this happen; please come to scrapbook with me at Crop Camp and become a Trailer Trash Lady. Some of our ladies were unable to come this year and we all know that my building is not that big so by loosing a couple of groups it has put Trailer Trash into possible extinction. You dont have to stay the night if you dont wanna. We offer "crop only" too!!
Go to and sign up and please dont let the trailer go into extinction PUHLEASE


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still knitting...

and reading. Seems its easier to read during the week as much limited time as I have and knitting requires concentration which i have NONE left after a day of work.

So its Bluegrass week and more than likely due to our current financial situation I doubt we will see it. I took some things to a garage sale hoping enough would sell that I could afford Ryan to at least go but that wasnt the case at all.

We wont be seeing Eureka Springs this year either; pretty disapointing considering thats something thats good for us to do together so with Fall approaching and knowing these things I am just sad.

Carlee played Volleyball Thusday night and played two softball games today and is now trying to enjoy time with her dad this evening.

I finished the book "Handle with Care" by Jodi Piccoult I seriously gotta quit reading her books it always makes me mad; and then Nicholas Sparks books make me cry, maybe I need medicated.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Antsy Pantsy

Thats pretty much how I have felt most of the week. I dont do well waking up on Saturday mornings with nothing "TO DO". I cleaned the kitchen and floors yesterday and Carlee and I did lots of damage control. So I wake up on Saturday morning at 7:30am and beg the Bed Gods to let me sleep a little more. Dont know why I do this I always dream about my cell phone not working, not being able to wake up to function and doing erotic things with the Hubby. I know weird, im so disturbed when I wake up its not even worth it. Then I do finally wake up and its like 10 and Im like now what. I have really read alot over the last year. Since my little incident last August I have knitted so that was my destiny today.

Off to Mulberry Creek which is located here in Winfield with knowledgeable ladies and gorgeous yarn, they let me pet it ALOT when I was in the cast/sling and couldnt knit, so it was time. So here is the latest project I have been wanting to knit bath rugs that dont fall apart so we shall see how it goes.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

crawled up the side of my house. down she came again as quiet as a mouse. she made this gorgeous web just for me to share. but by dawn there was nothing there. so thank goodness for you and I, I took gorgeous pictures so you would see it was not a lie.

Laura Elephant Juice may help me to understand why her color didnt show but I am glad her web did because its just so gorgeous. By morning when I wanted to show Carlee it was all gone :(

Today I was brave and went shopping with Carlee and my mom. I was quiet and supportive and helped as much as I could. Some of the places like Hollister were too much for me so I snuck to look at Coach purses at Dillard, JUST TO LOOK sure are pretty tho.

I am reading this book so far its slow going but we shall see. Any information has got to help in this age of tween/teen. Right?


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Where did I go? Grandmas Birthday too

Somedays I dont even realize how long its been since I posted. I hope with school starting things will be more regular and I can sort my head to reflect. Want to share pictures from last night. We took my grandma to eat at Kobe's in Derby.It was alot of fun, the ride home not so much. I saw lightening alot closer than I ever care to again. The rain made it difficult for my dad to see to drive us home. We were all nervous wrecks. It hadnt gotten to Winfield yet by the time we made it home so we got to enjoy it again but luckily from the safety of our home. WHEW
This is the face of Lena. She was jealous that other people were at the mall at Build a Bear and she didnt get to go.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wheres the love?

Thats pretty much my new saying lately when I feel someone or someones just arent being nice. I cannot believe I went 3 weeks without posting but lifes just been too much. Carlee and I went to Emporia last weekend for the State Softball Tourney it was fun but exhausting I do not know how she does it and still wants to go go go cause I can barely just go.
Lots accomplished today at home, laundry, made pretzels and granola. Now I am just TIRED and wiped out.
I am preparing for a 4 day hiatus of scrapbooking with my Sis in law and chicas, leaving Thursday at 1130 am so I hope all goes good here at the casa. I worry about that when I am gone. Prolly normal huh?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello There:Shrimp Boil Anyone?

So 4th of July we spent lunch at the Dust Farmstead and then Carlee and I headed to Ark City the Helvy's House. It was our First Shrimp Boil and it was soo cool! We appreciated the invite from Tina and Ryan and it was so neat to watch how its all done. It also helps that the food ROCKED!!

As you can see Mini Me Carlee is as tall as me now. No she wasnt standing on a rock, brick or log its the truth she is as tall as me and its crazy. Another cool thing is that there wasnt a single boy there until really late. So as you can see "The Pyro Chicks" named by Barry, Pat and Ryan had a blast on their own and were careful even with the littler ones.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Blackwell Lake:Yes it exists and humans reside there

So here is where Carlee and I spent our day yesterday. We went and spent the day with Mandy My BFF's family and her new hubs and his kids. There were so many of us you would forget to count until its dinner. Granted it wasnt sunny but seriously does that matter. You are gonna get wet in the water so rain isnt a big deal. The kids swam, fished, swam, slid on the mossy damn and just had fun.

Mandy and I made onion rings for like 20 people. That is no joke seriously the amount of people there you just quit counting when you run out of fingers and toes its so great. The family has always taken Carlee and I in and treated us as one of their own. We have always felt welcome no matter where they are camping and are lucky to have them in our lives.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

OH MY 16 days...Seriously

So in the last 16 days its been softball, softball rec game, softball practice, softball tournies OH and softball batting practice. You can only imagine the TO DO list I created this weekend for myself since I get to be home all weekend. Well lemme see yesterday I accomplished organzing the drawers in the bathroom with divider trays. 3 for like $1.57 at Wally NICE!! So one holds all my makeup brushes and eye stuffs, one for my foundations(yes with an "s" I like different options until I find the one!! do share if you have the perfect foundation) and one for blushes(yes another s; options ladies)

Anyways Hubby and I went to bed at 9 got up at 9am this morning. Evidently I needed 12 hours of sleep gessh. Then off to breakfast at the Hunters Cafe. And then I started to read "Stop Dressing your 6 year old like a Skank" by Celia Rivenbark HILARIOUS AUTHOR!! By the way and then somewhere I dozed. GOSH SERIOUSLY!! So this afternoon I ventured to get pictures printed, got more DYMO labels cause on my endless TO-DO LIST was to make another Coupon Book and I couldnt find my File Folder Tab Punch (if I let you borrow it remind me please) I used a scallop punch but ran out of clear labels GAW!

I did finish 3 things as mentioned above. Last is cleaning out my purse but I may wait..WITH GOOD REASON I may have a different purse COACH coming into my possession :)
I need to update my Moleskin so I will get that done as well

Ryan and I celebrated being married 8 years on Tuesday and he turned 36 on Friday. I had a rough week after getting a vaginal sonogram monday. I swear she probed every area possible and no amount of painkillers helped AT ALL!!

1. Purse
2. Moleskin
3. Cut coupons
4. Wake up before I have slept 12 hours.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Softball Has Begun

Just wanted to jump on and share a few pics from the tourney last weekend. We did take 2nd out of 9 teams and it was our first tourney ever!! I was so proud of all the girls they each participated like a team and thats what is needed.

We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for KG its continuing to be a rough road for everyone and the will needs to be strong. We are hoping that some day this is all in the past but only time will tell. We just pray.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Blogger Reader Help..Please

As you know things have been swirling around us lately. My Dear Father In Law has been ill and struggling with this Histoplasmosis. When Billy from The Exterminators Show on TLC tells you how dangerous the bird poop and bat poop can be HE IS SERIOUS. I know he is a little redneck rock I mean check him out he isnt joking. We hope Kenny gets out of the hospital this evening. Its wearing on my dear mother in law and hubby is struggling too. Business has become slow due to the economy and I think some is the community knows that KG(Father In Law) is ill and they are giving him a break. BUT really we still have bills to pay and jobs to do and in the long run this was the plan for Ryan and his Brother In Law McNutt to take over ya know?
Hubby is struggling with not being busy and being supportive with his mom and family and not getting too overwhelmed and needs some mental and physical strength.
 Me? Well I dont know where I stand. I am working almost 50 hours a week, Carlee has softball everynight and every weekend for the next 3 weeks so its just her and I mostly. Ryan went last night which was nice for her to have me, him and her dad there, as well as my dad and Uncle. I want to support from all angles but someday I am not sure where my angle is right now.
I am just asking that you keep us in your thoughts if you dont mind. The power of friends and people who care make a world of difference in healing from all aspects I think.


Monday, May 31, 2010


Well yesterday as I was becoming a crispy critter at Grouse Creek with my BFF's family they admitted Ryans dad to the hospital. Thursday he had surgery to have his peg tube replaced and they did a scope and he came home. Well somewhere he started to loose blood. Yesterday he got 2 units today 4. I left the hospital at 10 pm and he was on #3. They believe he has a bleeding ulcer so where we go from here who knows but as long as he begins to feel better like he did today we are thrilled.  Also prayers for my friend Karen who recently lost her mom.
Tomorrow I will post pics from the Crickin weekend :)


Friday, May 28, 2010

Tweenager = Fumes

Hate the word and now I have one and I am suppose to like her?

Its a vent day I guess. Just frustrating that is what summer has become for me. I dont understand how someone can be home all day and see the mess around them and not have the knowledge of "Hey something smells funny, maybe its the trash, I should take it out! Oh and look I cannot forget to put a sack back in it"
"OH LOOK the dogs hair has collected into a corner of the hall maybe I should sweep it up"
"The sink is full maybe I should load em into the dishwasher and start the dishwasher"

I have worked OVER 40 hours this week come home at 3pm to air conditioning because we are working window units right now at the clinic because the state has decided to repair them for 2 months of THE DANG SUMMER!! WTH!!

Should anyone in the house wonder why I am livid and have to pick up and do damage control? You have been home all day! I realize that maybe the TV, Computer or the gecko was feeling neglected but seriously for 8 hours. OH WAIT! MY BAD! You prolly slept until 10 that only gave you 5 hours to do your chores so sorry I didnt give you enough time to get stuff DONE!!

UGH!!!!!!! Am I the only one? Is it just me? This is the reason I leave to crop with my friends because when I get home I miss my family and look past all the mess that was left for me. K that last line was a fib, cause I dont!(I miss the family not the mess)


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Its been a week? A crazy week!

Monday my dear niece who is very opinionated energetic is the correct nice Aunt Wishey term had her first TBall game and oh it was SO MUCH FUN. Now that Carlee is into the competitive thing its fun to see little girls just enjoy themselves and learn new things.

Tuesday was our day at home after a long day at work it was much needed.

Wednesday Carlee and I ran errands and discussed the upcoming weekend.


Friday eye appts at 9:20 and 9:40 we left there at 10:30 I got to work at 10:45, worked until 4 grabbed Carlee ran to Ark City to grab Lena (the one mentioned above) and Carlee had competitive league softball practice at 5p Rec league pics at 6:45 and rec league practice at 7 we left almost close to 9 CAHRAZY night.

Shandra picked me up at 830 and myself, her, her daughter Ashley, Cassandra and Michelle (they work with Shandra) we all went to Scrap Funattic. Shandra and I were feeling SOO inspired when we got back at noon we scrapbooked until 5 IT WAS GREAT!!

So then I made dinner, here blogging and then to read a new CK Magazine and get reinvolved into the book I am reading now called "Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells its a sequal to the Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

10 Years..Its True

Ten Years Ago.. This month Ryan and I met for the 1st time at the Wichita River Festival. His sister Traci convinced me to come watch him and their dads construction crew compete in a Tug Of War contest. So I went, we both were looking for the same thing. Nothing serious just someone to hang out and have fun with. Well as the evening progressed we went to Traci's house and had steaks and drinks and we visited alot. I left because of other engagements but was glad I went. Ya it helped he was tan and super good looking and was confident but not cocky and polite but allowed me my space.
As time progressed we would just spend 1 night a weekend together usually at the bar after I took Carlee to her dads. The other night allowed me to be with my friends. He spent time with his friends the weekends I had Carlee. I never mixed boyfriends with her makes things more complicated than it needs to be. After 6 months or so it was all weekend. After a year had passed I would get very upset leaving on Sundays. I would be torn between seeing my daughter and missing her and leaving him. When I think back the time we spent was really only every other weekend and some days during the weeks of the summer if Carlee's stepmom didnt mind. She always understood because she too had been a single parent. So now here we are 10 years later and he still cracks me up and has taught me to relax. Ya know when we first started dating I never owned a tshirt or comfy pants. I wont admit now how many I own. Seriously...

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Here is myself, my mom, my grandma and my sister. 
We had lunch today at my sisters today. Ryan went to the Blatchfords for his mom and we got to see everyone for about 30 minutes before all of them left.
Today I am reminding myself to be appreciative, Carlee isnt of the age where she can go out alone and buy me a card or gift. Her and I had to have the talk about selfishness every time she talked to me today it was about what she wanted and as a mother I should realize once I gave birth that I could no longer be selfish myself I guess you just hope that for one day a year you can.
Off to start a week with no clinicals and just "normal work" whatever that is.
Many prayers to Leslie and her family as her husband recovers from back surgery and prayers for my BIL Kenny McNutt who had knee surgery Friday.


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Fun Times..Right?

I am officially finished doing clinicals at the hospitals. I am thrilled and thankful for this, granted I have learned alot but the extra hours a week have taken a toll on my family and life so it was time to cease it.

Happy Mothers Day to everyone out there. Even if you are a furbaby Mama you deserve it.

Tomorrow is lunch at my sisters, Ryan will be going to the Blatchfords for his mom. Wish we could all be together but it happens.


Sunday, May 02, 2010

Oh My Seriously?

Its Sunday morning and I had this big TO DO list for the weekend because I finally had a weekend off from clinicals and i have done nothing. Besides the 5 hours I spent yesterday trying to figure out why my dads laptop freezes. The only thing he uses it for is internet and thats when it does it. Seriously the last Dell guy had no patience with me and maybe I had none either I was just flustered.

So here I am thinking maybe Danelle (DC) should be here and BlogVideo that my scrapbook room isnt always perfect. Since Crop Camp its been a pit and not a good example for my daughter when I tell her to clean her room and mine looks like one little tiny tornado visited Kansas and left behind the carnage.

I did read the book Girls From Ames if you dont have this on your list you should. It just solidifies why girlfriends are so important in our lives. Its a true story of 11 friends there are ups and downs but please take the time to read it. Ive got a copy if you would like to borrow.

I started the Divine Secrets of The YaYa Sisterhood last night. I bought the 1st and 2nd for $4 each at Brace Books in Ponca. They have new and used so its great on the budget :)


Thursday, April 29, 2010

What got me here?

So do you ever set back and wonder what got you where you were today? I honestly remember growing up my dad sitting my sister and I on the counter in the bathroom until we brushed and flossed. I am pretty sure that explains my obsession with teeth and my observance with it.

But the blood draw phlebotomy thing? The 120 hours of clinicals I have less than a month to finish. Mind you I need like 50 more hours. UGH. Well last year I had to go get a breast MRI due to a lump in my left breast. The girl who gave me the IV wasnt so great on the right hand by the time she was digging and went on to the left I was sick and passed out.

I hope to never do that to anyone inmate or not. I stick once and try to be confident thats it I dont wanna hurt or make anyone never want to get another stick again.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picking the wrong season?

I have lots of loves. And maybe this love of reading has grown more over the last year. Maybe winter is the best time to have 5 books piled I am wanting to read. Kaitlyn has gotten me interested in several with her blog shout outs or her Good Reads list.

Today I went to Brace Books in Ponca City, OK and got lost in happiness. I have an on going list of books I wanna read. I bought a new and 2 used the used were $4 a piece. How nice is it to know that you will have to buy the book cause the Kansas Library system doesnt have it and you can pay $4 for one?

So poor Ryan deadheaded all my flowers while I got lost at the bookstore and his back didnt need it and then I came home and bagged it up.

So reading now is "The Girls From Ames" its about a group of 11 girls who are friends anywhere from birth or connecting in Jr High. Next will be the YaYa Sisterhood books. I have the first two and am excited!

Off to read now..


Saturday, April 24, 2010

80's baby So Shandra loves to for her 40th she had an 80's theme party so please enjoy the pics

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Upon DC's Request

Here are some of the layouts I completed at Crop Camp. I will add some more another day but for today please enjoy