Monday, May 31, 2010


Well yesterday as I was becoming a crispy critter at Grouse Creek with my BFF's family they admitted Ryans dad to the hospital. Thursday he had surgery to have his peg tube replaced and they did a scope and he came home. Well somewhere he started to loose blood. Yesterday he got 2 units today 4. I left the hospital at 10 pm and he was on #3. They believe he has a bleeding ulcer so where we go from here who knows but as long as he begins to feel better like he did today we are thrilled.  Also prayers for my friend Karen who recently lost her mom.
Tomorrow I will post pics from the Crickin weekend :)



Brandy Cuevas said...

I'm sad to hear about Kenny. Boy, he can't seem to shake this thing huh? You are all in my thoughts and prayers! He is a tough man with a great support system so he has all the means to tough it out!

I'm sure when I get to the tweenage :-) years I will be bald or way worse! I have will have two girls! Your a good mom and doing a good job!