Friday, May 28, 2010

Tweenager = Fumes

Hate the word and now I have one and I am suppose to like her?

Its a vent day I guess. Just frustrating that is what summer has become for me. I dont understand how someone can be home all day and see the mess around them and not have the knowledge of "Hey something smells funny, maybe its the trash, I should take it out! Oh and look I cannot forget to put a sack back in it"
"OH LOOK the dogs hair has collected into a corner of the hall maybe I should sweep it up"
"The sink is full maybe I should load em into the dishwasher and start the dishwasher"

I have worked OVER 40 hours this week come home at 3pm to air conditioning because we are working window units right now at the clinic because the state has decided to repair them for 2 months of THE DANG SUMMER!! WTH!!

Should anyone in the house wonder why I am livid and have to pick up and do damage control? You have been home all day! I realize that maybe the TV, Computer or the gecko was feeling neglected but seriously for 8 hours. OH WAIT! MY BAD! You prolly slept until 10 that only gave you 5 hours to do your chores so sorry I didnt give you enough time to get stuff DONE!!

UGH!!!!!!! Am I the only one? Is it just me? This is the reason I leave to crop with my friends because when I get home I miss my family and look past all the mess that was left for me. K that last line was a fib, cause I dont!(I miss the family not the mess)