Saturday, May 22, 2010

Its been a week? A crazy week!

Monday my dear niece who is very opinionated energetic is the correct nice Aunt Wishey term had her first TBall game and oh it was SO MUCH FUN. Now that Carlee is into the competitive thing its fun to see little girls just enjoy themselves and learn new things.

Tuesday was our day at home after a long day at work it was much needed.

Wednesday Carlee and I ran errands and discussed the upcoming weekend.


Friday eye appts at 9:20 and 9:40 we left there at 10:30 I got to work at 10:45, worked until 4 grabbed Carlee ran to Ark City to grab Lena (the one mentioned above) and Carlee had competitive league softball practice at 5p Rec league pics at 6:45 and rec league practice at 7 we left almost close to 9 CAHRAZY night.

Shandra picked me up at 830 and myself, her, her daughter Ashley, Cassandra and Michelle (they work with Shandra) we all went to Scrap Funattic. Shandra and I were feeling SOO inspired when we got back at noon we scrapbooked until 5 IT WAS GREAT!!

So then I made dinner, here blogging and then to read a new CK Magazine and get reinvolved into the book I am reading now called "Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells its a sequal to the Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood.