Sunday, May 02, 2010

Oh My Seriously?

Its Sunday morning and I had this big TO DO list for the weekend because I finally had a weekend off from clinicals and i have done nothing. Besides the 5 hours I spent yesterday trying to figure out why my dads laptop freezes. The only thing he uses it for is internet and thats when it does it. Seriously the last Dell guy had no patience with me and maybe I had none either I was just flustered.

So here I am thinking maybe Danelle (DC) should be here and BlogVideo that my scrapbook room isnt always perfect. Since Crop Camp its been a pit and not a good example for my daughter when I tell her to clean her room and mine looks like one little tiny tornado visited Kansas and left behind the carnage.

I did read the book Girls From Ames if you dont have this on your list you should. It just solidifies why girlfriends are so important in our lives. Its a true story of 11 friends there are ups and downs but please take the time to read it. Ive got a copy if you would like to borrow.

I started the Divine Secrets of The YaYa Sisterhood last night. I bought the 1st and 2nd for $4 each at Brace Books in Ponca. They have new and used so its great on the budget :)



KBH said...

I'll add Girls from Ames to my goodreads list!!! love to read good books!!!

The Curtis Family said...

I'll have to borrow it this summer! and YES I will be right over to video that room :)