Thursday, April 29, 2010

What got me here?

So do you ever set back and wonder what got you where you were today? I honestly remember growing up my dad sitting my sister and I on the counter in the bathroom until we brushed and flossed. I am pretty sure that explains my obsession with teeth and my observance with it.

But the blood draw phlebotomy thing? The 120 hours of clinicals I have less than a month to finish. Mind you I need like 50 more hours. UGH. Well last year I had to go get a breast MRI due to a lump in my left breast. The girl who gave me the IV wasnt so great on the right hand by the time she was digging and went on to the left I was sick and passed out.

I hope to never do that to anyone inmate or not. I stick once and try to be confident thats it I dont wanna hurt or make anyone never want to get another stick again.



Brandy Cuevas said...

There's a saying among us..."Look on the bright side, once I'm done it won't hurt anymore :-)"

I'm sure you do a fantastic job and the inmates have endured a lot more I'm positive!!