Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wait? Was that a week? Geesh

I cannot even begin to tell you what I did Monday Tuesday and Wednesday except for work and prepare.  Thursday was Taylor Swift and 208 pictures (OMG!) later I hope Carlee caught the memory digitally that she wanted to preserve. She was SUPAH excited and I LOVED Kelly Pickler. She had GLITTER SILVER HIGH HEELS. Yep its true sooo H-O-T!

Friday I went to work at the Correctional Facility at 7am took off at 2pm went to see Hubby cause lately I forget what he looks like. I kiss him in the morning while he is asleep and kiss him goodnight while he is asleep. I went to the hospital to start clinicals was there until 11 got home took a bath to thaw out IT WAS COLD in the lab. Then to bed at Midnight at 5:30 the alarm went off and even our dog Blue tried covering it up with his paw but he has no opposable thumbs so every 5 minutes I had to quiet it for him. He didnt even get out of bed with me he just scooted to my side! Nice so another 8 hours of work and then home to collapse. Its now 10pm on a Saturday night and I am done. Worn out and crashing for a long long sleep.