Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yep..No doubt a learning experience.

So Friday I did my clinicals in Ark City at the hospital from 7am to 3pm. Left and picked up Carlee and Rene' from school dropped Carlee off at the house, dropped off Rene' came back and grabbed Carlee to meet her dad at 4 in Ark City(yep back again). I came home for a bit then went to Susans for her and Diann's birthday home at 8:30 in bed at 9.
Saturday was my 7am to 3pm shift here at the Winfield hospital but I stayed until 5:30 to watch a heel stick on a little baby girl not even 24 hours old. Poor little thing. But I have learned alot and have a lot of notes to go over and rewrite. Went to the store took a bath, ate dinner and laid around with Ryan to watch the UFC Fights.
This morning at 7:30 I couldnt move to let the dog out and feed him. At 10:30 I finally got up tried to read but Crop Camp stuff to do. So I did and here I set to snack and be lazy.  Gotta gonna be another long week.



The Curtis Family said...

hang in there sister!!