Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yes 4 days!!

Cant believe I went that long and honestly so much has gone on. Ryans dad Kenny was admitted to Via Christi this evening we are hoping that him getting his antibiotics thru IV therapy will help him to gain his strength back to fight this ugly disease he has gotten.

Tuesday was my 2nd to last Phlebotomy class, I am a bit sad but excited about clinicals. I got my stick the first try, the girl who drew on me pulled the needle out with the plunger OOPS and so I went to sit down. Before long I got hot and shakey and the room closed in and....yep I passed out just a bit. I guess I am good at drawing just not a good patient. TEHE

SO Tomorrow night is the PJ Popcorn and Movie/Game night for my birthday so please come in your jammies and have fun with me. IF you cant make it I will post pictures so you will at least get to feel like you were here with us :)