Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yep so called life..

Did you think you needed to come over and make sure I was still alive? Hubby was ready to check that I was still breathing at 11:30 this morning as Blue and I were laying in bed discussing what we "Should" accomplish today and what in actuality will happen tee hee

Tuesday was my final and I am still stalking the online website for my final grade. It went well and now I am just having panic attacks about fitting in 120 hours of clinicals and working as well. So seriously I need to get some sleep now cause I wont be getting much within that time period. 

I finished the book Bright Lights Big Ass by Jen Lancaster. This is the second book of hers that I read and I LOVE THEM!! I laugh out loud histarically if you havent read any of these you should. Out local library doesnt have them nor do any of the Kansas Loan Libraries so I have had to purchase.

I went to Bingo last night with my mom, aunt and uncle and it was so much fun. None of us won but if you enjoy watching all types of very interesting people this is the place for you. It takes all kinds...

So today ho hum what to do? I know I NEED to do laundry, load and run the diswasher, pick up the house but I dont know. Its 12:30 and I am here in front of the computer and find out if todays Caturday on Two Peas in a Bucket is waiting on me :)