Saturday, March 20, 2010

Whoa Time Passes

It was a busy week with Spring Break and all. Not like I enjoyed much of it except Friday. I did do 2 pedicures on Thursday night for my mom and grandma. I also started quite a LARGE project. Because I love to organize and help people I had a nurse from work Cheryl who bought a Clip It Up (AHEM WE WONT MENTION HOW LONG AGO) and had never even cracked the seal. So she brought it to me as well as ALL her stickers etc and well lets just say it hasnt been a day project. I will be done today and will be able to put the cover on it and deliver it to work on Monday but its been a fun task. Not so much for my dining room table but for me.

Yesterday I took Carlee and Lena to Tanganyka Wildlife Park in Goddard and it was amazing. We did plan to leave by 9 but it was closer to 10 because someone "accidently" let her gecko crawl up under the cabinet and on top of the shell of the dishwasher and by the time I got to the kitchen I saw a tail slipping away. I had to call my Brother In Law Kenny to walk me thru removing brackets and pulling the dishwasher out and there she was snuggled in some white insulation. OMG Carlee was crying Lena was consoling her and I am thinking my husband is going to kill me when he hears about this. It has become a non discussable topic in our house. One day it may be a funny but today and yesterday wasnt that day.



laura mcpherson said...

How sweet that you did all that organizing for your friend! What a treat :)

I'm glad you made your trip to the wildlife park BEFORE this snow started! That place is so neat! I can't believe that Pete crawled behind the dishwasher! Oh my gosh!! I would have been stressing, and NO WAY could have gotten him out on my own like you did!

Dusti said...

LOL at the gecko story! Who woulda thought a gecko could get behind a dishwasher? That's craziness! Great job of getting him out tho! :-) Had that happened here, I woulda thrown my hands up and made Jermie deal with it!