Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just when you think you are sure of everything in your life God reminds you one more time who is in charge. My grandfather passed away right before lunch yesterday. Yes I know he was in his 80's and had never been the same since my grandma left us 10 years ago but it was so difficult for me to grasp. Still is. His funeral will be friday morning and tomorrow I will pick up my 8 YO dd who thought the moon and sun revolved around him and tell her he has gone to heaven. A happier place for him, even though right now its sad for us. I was very close to him as well at her age and she was blessed enough to share that too. Today I am finishing an album about his life I started over a year ago, never wanting to finish due to the inevitable. Now I have the biggest deadline of my life but with no choice but to finish before the viewing at 9 am tomorrow. I sit here now wishing I would have taken that picture I wanted to take to start the important people in our lives album that I had as my new years resolution. now there isnt a recent picture, just a little pain I feel for him and my mom and myself and my daughter who will for the first time in her 9 years learn about why God chooses people to go to heaven.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Well its been a crazy last couple of days. With 2 Christmas's and getting my DD to her dads and back home and to her dads again, this time until Sunday. My hubbys best friend has been visiting from college which has kept him away, and on certain days thats cool. BUT today was my breakdown day. I take meds for panic stuff and I reached my limit on spending my days off keeping our house in normal condition and I cracked. So a hug from him and a pill my daughter and I went shopping at the LSS and Toys R Us and Old Navy and Build A Bear. Nothing like a little retail therapy to make a girl feel a little more sane. My goals this week are to get my next class up and advertised for the 2nd thursday in Jan plus prepare for a design meeting. So I guess we will see what my results will be!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finishing the day to start a new one. My mom was a rescue today picking up my daughter. I usually work late this time of year, but today I worked 3 extra hours in my customer service dept waiting for trucks to come in so the $$ would count today. Anyway, 9 months ago I bought Wonder Woman paper from a scrapbook store in Great Bend, KS and thought one day I will have some reason to use it. (I know we all say that) Then I thought of my mom. She IS Wonder Woman. She is the HSA or Director of Nurses at a pre-release prison and works WAY over her 40 hours. My grandfather is in a nursing home, but still requires just her attention. Her being a nurse he is pretty sure the other nurses wont do it right so mom spends at least 40 hours a week or more doing the morning and evening rituals. Every thursday night is Grammy date night for my DD and mom and she rarely ever misses. She also usually spends Saturdays or Sundays with my niece (who is an adorable girly girl) and would be there for my sis and I in the drop of a cell phone call. So tomorrow during our Christmas I am going to have the awesome photog hubby get a pic of her, when she is looking, just being herself, and scrapbook her with my wonder woman paper. Cause if anyone deserves it, its her.
Well this is my first post. I am trying to wake up enough to start something I never thought I would. Trying to grasp the concept that my life is interesting enough that people want to read abut it. But then I realized its more like a good journal for me. I type faster than I write. Crazy week, Christmas program that Carlee just was awesome at. She presented me with a new word "stoffed" She said she couldnt smell Grammys lotion cause she was all "stoffed "up. We figure thats an 8 year olds word mixing of stuffed and stopped. I started this just to comment on Jenni Bowlins website so I hope she sees it someday. Going to sign off and get my last day of work this week started. I made everyone altered calendars and pens I hope they enjoy.