Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finishing the day to start a new one. My mom was a rescue today picking up my daughter. I usually work late this time of year, but today I worked 3 extra hours in my customer service dept waiting for trucks to come in so the $$ would count today. Anyway, 9 months ago I bought Wonder Woman paper from a scrapbook store in Great Bend, KS and thought one day I will have some reason to use it. (I know we all say that) Then I thought of my mom. She IS Wonder Woman. She is the HSA or Director of Nurses at a pre-release prison and works WAY over her 40 hours. My grandfather is in a nursing home, but still requires just her attention. Her being a nurse he is pretty sure the other nurses wont do it right so mom spends at least 40 hours a week or more doing the morning and evening rituals. Every thursday night is Grammy date night for my DD and mom and she rarely ever misses. She also usually spends Saturdays or Sundays with my niece (who is an adorable girly girl) and would be there for my sis and I in the drop of a cell phone call. So tomorrow during our Christmas I am going to have the awesome photog hubby get a pic of her, when she is looking, just being herself, and scrapbook her with my wonder woman paper. Cause if anyone deserves it, its her.


Wendy said...

What a great idea!! I'm sure that your mom will feel very honored to see your thoughts about her scrapped in such a neat way! And welcome to the blog community!

Francine said...

Oh, she's going to love that! What a wonderful idea!