Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Hello Out There

Lots of coming and going I know and some days I am not sure which way I am suppose to go.

So if you are interested I am teaching again!! So excited, I think I need a purpose outside work and my home and this may help to ease that. So January 8th, 2011 at Scrap Funattic we are going to get ORGANIZED!! Almost 8 hours to get everything, organized so you can use it, purge it, cause you need to loose it and prepare to crop so you can be amused at your pages!!

When for a vaginal sonogram today thats why I am home at 1:30 pm with a warm pack on my belly and my feet up. Those just are not fun unless there is a baby in there. WHICH THERE ISNT AND WONT BE! So dont wanna start any rumors.

I am reading this book ----->The Help that I picked up from the library yesterday and am already entranced with it. So good thing cause we all know I do not sit still well :)