Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wheres the love?

Thats pretty much my new saying lately when I feel someone or someones just arent being nice. I cannot believe I went 3 weeks without posting but lifes just been too much. Carlee and I went to Emporia last weekend for the State Softball Tourney it was fun but exhausting I do not know how she does it and still wants to go go go cause I can barely just go.
Lots accomplished today at home, laundry, made pretzels and granola. Now I am just TIRED and wiped out.
I am preparing for a 4 day hiatus of scrapbooking with my Sis in law and chicas, leaving Thursday at 1130 am so I hope all goes good here at the casa. I worry about that when I am gone. Prolly normal huh?


The Curtis Family said...

I feel ya sista!! Wiped 90% of the time! I can't wait for our weekend away!! It will be a BLAST! see ya thurs!

laura mcpherson said...

I've got lotsa love for ya!! Hope you girls had a great weekend away :)