Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello There:Shrimp Boil Anyone?

So 4th of July we spent lunch at the Dust Farmstead and then Carlee and I headed to Ark City the Helvy's House. It was our First Shrimp Boil and it was soo cool! We appreciated the invite from Tina and Ryan and it was so neat to watch how its all done. It also helps that the food ROCKED!!

As you can see Mini Me Carlee is as tall as me now. No she wasnt standing on a rock, brick or log its the truth she is as tall as me and its crazy. Another cool thing is that there wasnt a single boy there until really late. So as you can see "The Pyro Chicks" named by Barry, Pat and Ryan had a blast on their own and were careful even with the littler ones.



Laura said...

I don't like shrimp, but that looks very yummy!!! Sound like you had a fun 4th, and I CANNOT believe Miss Carlee is as tall as you!

The Curtis Family said...

Oooh that shrimp looks awesome!! You'll have to tell me how they made it!!