Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family Filled Weekend

 This is my cousin Jason, he is the oldest; My sister Carrie, she is 3rd; Me(silly) I am 4th; Jevon he is 2nd and Dusty he is the 5th and the baby of all of us. My dad was an only child so as far as 1st cousins go these guys were like siblings to my sis and I. TRUST me there are tons more pics but this is just the Cliff Notes of my weekend. More lata
Here are all the 2nd cousins. The children of all those listed above. I have some editing to do. I took like 5 pics and am still trying to figure my favorite and wanna do some cropping. Ratio 5:3 5 boys, 3 girls and I believe that will be it for this family...I think...

This is my dads side. His first cousins were like aunts to me and their kids like cousins to me and my sister. Not all got to be present with the ALL WOMAN get together. We were missing Allison but she is newly married and getting her life going. Back row:Aunt Beulah(Aunt Boo) Carol Jean, My sister, my mom, Carlee and Connie. Front row Me, Lilly, Lena and my grandma.

This is Miss Carlee and Brodie. Brodie is Carlee's stepmoms son with her husband Zac. For those who know me this makes sense so thats all that matters. She loves Melissa and loves this little cute 10 day old boy as much and my mom and I did kissing and snuggling him.


laura mcpherson said...

Looks like a FUN time! Oh my goodness...Brodie is sooo adorable!!