Saturday, September 11, 2010

Still knitting...

and reading. Seems its easier to read during the week as much limited time as I have and knitting requires concentration which i have NONE left after a day of work.

So its Bluegrass week and more than likely due to our current financial situation I doubt we will see it. I took some things to a garage sale hoping enough would sell that I could afford Ryan to at least go but that wasnt the case at all.

We wont be seeing Eureka Springs this year either; pretty disapointing considering thats something thats good for us to do together so with Fall approaching and knowing these things I am just sad.

Carlee played Volleyball Thusday night and played two softball games today and is now trying to enjoy time with her dad this evening.

I finished the book "Handle with Care" by Jodi Piccoult I seriously gotta quit reading her books it always makes me mad; and then Nicholas Sparks books make me cry, maybe I need medicated.