Monday, May 21, 2007

Yep even the organized girl is a little messy sometimes. This is 10 days after our move and I have the whole house pretty much unpacked so guess what is next that I have already spent 3 hours on just this evening...

This first picture these windows overlook the park by our house and bring in a heckuva a breeze. That chest my dad built and it stores 12x12 albums the completed ones and has a drawer in the bottom for pics and the top divided out too for more stuffs. Cause you know I got lots.

The next one is my book shelf as you can see everything is a work in progress here.

#3 My lovely cubes. I have 3 more coming that are just open to store work in progress albums my dad is making those.

Picture #4 is the computer and hodge podge desk pretty obvious huh? Its a built in with drawers WAY over 12 inches wide and tall. SO SO happy about that one.


brazle's said...

I love to read your blog...keeps me thinking about how much I would like to be scrapbookin! Looks like your going to be organized very soon.

Liz S said...

Hey Girlie,

Your scrap area looks about like mine right now. We just bought a house at the beginning of the month and I've been concentrating on the rest of the house so my scrap area has been neglected. I will be fixing that problem this weekend!

Hope to see you in July at the Attic.