Monday, October 08, 2007

This is the view of the Basin Park Hotel from the parking lot and we walked up a outdoor flight of stairs.
This was in the elevator, notice all the toes. I will crop those out when I have time to work on my photos :)
What a beautiful sight. I cannot even begin to explain in words how gorgeous and historic this hotel and the buildings in this area are.
Night shot looking up at the balcony where we had dinner Friday evening. I have been coming to this city for years and always wanted to eat here and never did. Charlotte and Buzz Houston were our hosts they have been friends with my in laws for years and live on Beaver. Charlotte could be a tour guide for this city. I would pay big bucks to wander the streets with her.
Well today begins our tour of Eureka Springs one of the best places to visit and relax and enjoy some time with your hubby. This for us is one of the most relaxing places that we both can let a deep breath out and enjoy ourselves.
This is where we spent dinner on Friday evening we were on the 5th floor balcony you can see the canopies of the stores below and the roads. Enjoy more to come, Vette pics tomorrow :)


brazle's said...

Hi Alicia...great pics-never been to Eureka Spgs but looks beautiful. Looking forward to Camp...Traci and I are planning to be there early.