Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK OK Ida Wins. She threw out her shoulder playing softball.

Liz I gotta ask what short sheet is.

And are my panties safe now?

I prefer fake spiders if neccessary.

You ladies get vicious. WOOWEEE

New question tomorrow. This is fun, is everyone having fun yet?


Ida said...

WOO HOO!! That is cool. I think your sheets will be safe now, well they will be safe from me....I can't guarantee what the others might do!!

Liz S said...

Ok Way to Go Ida.

Yes Alicia you are safe now. Boy that was rough.

Liz S said...

This is a blast.

Keep em comin!

Michielle said...

WOW........she beat me by a whole minute!!!.........that really SUCKS!!!........ohhh, congrats Ida!!!

Ida said...

Sorry Micheille! But, I have to say THIS IS SO FUN!!Can't wait until tomorrow!!

nite nite ladies!

Liz S said...

short sheet is when we take your sheets or bedding and hide them on you!!