Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hey Ladies~
Yes I am still here. Just got back from spending 3 glorious days with Ryan and my in-laws and 7-8 other couples. June I love ya chick you are soo going to be a Crop Camp groupie.
I filled 2 disks full of pics so I hope to share some of my favorite places in Eureka Springs with you soon. Such a good time and much needed by ourselves time for Ryan and I. Now its time to shift into Crop Camp gear which is pretty much 5 gear from here on out. Check out the classes on the site they are filling up fast. And the shirts are going too! Even people who can't make it are buying em, you know thats HOT!!


wolffx5 said...

So glad you got to get away! I so miss time with Rick! Can't wait to see the pics!