Sunday, March 30, 2008

OK My hope is that you all can read the image to the right here
and it helps you to pack page kits.If you cannot I will email it to you. Little problem with this, here is some advice. IF you plan to clean off your harddrive at work with personal stuff make sure you home computer can accept it BEFORE you delete it. That one was a freebie there.
So here is the golden key that we have worked towards. Post with questions and I will check daily. Monday is end of the month and end of the quarter at work for me. Tuesday is Violin practice at 5:30 pm then my Aunt and mom are coming over to finalize our "Fun Passes" for the cruise.
Wednesday, Kathy and I meet Shandra, Steff and Rocky at the Camp. Thursday is freak out and anxiety attack day along with a soccer game and packing etc. NICE HUH?
Email me too if you prefer not to post. Looking forward to Crop Camp and the garage sale and Maggies cooking and cool shirts CAUSE THEY ROCK THANK YOU KATHY!! And a big pat on the back for Shandra she is the most organized this year EVAH!!


Liz S said...

should i have a "tomato juice" for you Friday night?

This week remember...............


Can't wait to see ya on Friday.

Ida said...

Love the page kit planner. I have made about 5 of them using that as a start.

YIPPEE!! Only 5 days to go!

Kathy said...

Hey is pops up just fine and can be printed off. Great idea. Thanks sis.

Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

Thanks Ms. Organizational Queen, what would we all do without you. It's so nice to not pack up my whole room now when I wanna go to a crop :)
See ya Friday