Wednesday, April 02, 2008

HELLO LADIES!! This will probably be the last post unless the earth shifts tomorrow night and i have extra time somewhere.

I cannot tell you how great it is to read blogs and have ladies say that they are packing less and have page kits because of me. Its nice to hear that the research and rewriting again and again of classes pays off. Each and all of you whether you have been to Crop Camp or taken a class with me all mean so much to me. Each of you give me a different smile because of you talent and personalities and how you give and add something different in my life that I didnt have before you all became a part of it.

I got up this morning knowing we would be headed to the camp and 2 things gave me a BIG smile 1. STARBUCKS! Hello! Come to me and 2. Even though preparing and hosting Crop Camp does require time from all 3 of us its worth it. Its worth it because you ladies appreciate it and tell us you appreciate it, whether its in words or cards or just watching you all have fun over the weekend and laugh and sing, its all worth it. We love all of you and cannot wait to spend a weekend with you all.


Michielle said...

Hi Baby Cakes.....I'm sure that everything will go fine for the long weekend of fun that you girls have planned for everyone!!! I just wish that it didn't stress you out soooo much.....I want you to have fun TOO!!!...We are all there for a try to grab a 'little slice of heaven' whatever form we are in search of....and Crops are a way to do it!!! Thanks for everything! Love ya,

Tracy (aka: mom2cms) said...

We all luv you too :)
Can't wait to see your skinny butt this weekend... Liz and I are gonna try to be there by noon Friday.

~BuzyKeriBee~ said...

hugs and misses to you too!!! even thought I did not take your class sooooo many talk about it.!!! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!! smugggss!!!!