Monday, March 24, 2008

So lets get organized. Sorry I have slacked, still doing lots of personal sorting and purging and trying to even things out right now.

THIS WEEK IS IMPORTANT!! Get all your pics that you want to take to Crop Camp out and sorted.
1st sort by page or theme, you know you cannot get more than 10 4x6's on a page so if you have 15 pick your favorite 10.
2nd make the piles of the page kits you are wanting to get together. Count the # of pics you have and make a note on a sticky or a page planning card along with the theme of your layout.
3rd find sketches to help you get a jump start on your layout. I always start by the # of pics and then onto the theme. If I have particular paper then I start by the # of patterned paper used so that I can get my $'s worth.
4th make a shopping list (so to speak) of how many patterned papers you will need, how many solids, whether you need ribbons, buttons, etc. Get at least 10 of these done.
Post here with questions and if I get enough who are going along with me I will post the next step early this week so we can be ahead before next weekend.


The Life of an Eight Year Olds Moms said...

Hey Alicia,
I'm following along. I've got Get Scrappy this weekend, and then its off to Crop Camp, so I really gotta get organized. Keep the help coming. Thanks so much,

AmberD said...


Can't wait till the weekend is here! I'm getting my kits ready. Do you also add embelishments to your kits or just paper and pics?

Amber D :o)