Sunday, June 28, 2009

so no pics today. been a rough week. I was off Monday and so was Ryan nice to spend the day with Carlee and Ryan we had lunch at College Hill and then Carlee had a game so not bad. What WAS bad was I woke up Tuesday at 5 am throwing up and doing the other too. BAD STUFF!
Missed worked pretty much unconcious the rest of the day in bed. I went to work Wednesday and Thursday but had very long days you can only imagine.
Little cropping on Friday night and garage sale and swimming Saturday as well as taking the Hatfields dinner and then the Winfield Garage Car and Bike Show and then lunch with my family and then to the pool.
NOW I am smelling sugar topped Mocha Cupcakes a recipe from my new Taste of Home Family Favorites. They have COFFEE in them YUMMEE HELLO!!
More next week the day of sickness and recovery has passed.