Monday, December 14, 2009

So this past week has held so many things. Days of working as a dental assistant. Christmas party for the KDOC side. This includes everyone who works at the correctional facility not just contract employees like myself. I was asked to be on the Wellness Committee. As a rep for the contract side I just help to make things better for the employees and do things like send flowers when someone is sick or a loved one has passed. I just accepted this position 2 weeks ago so doing the party was an experience.

Carlee and I went to Branson with my family saturday morning and came back sunday at about 9 pm. Ryan had been throwing up all day but didnt want to tell me thats why he wanted to know when I would be home. He wanted me to have a good time which was so sweet but I felt bad him here all alone puking his tummy up.

I purchased a purse which I hope to share pics of, as well as saw the Christmas Dixie Stampede while we were there. Carlee got a charm for a Brighton Necklace her dad has started for her so I cannot wait to add something special when she turns 13 next month.

I plan to do some more Pioneer Woman cooking with the enchiladas this weekend so we shall see how it all goes. I dont feel brave enough to be a member of her cooking community just yet, but some day I hope.

I watched "Julie and Julia" the movie this evening and it was very awesome and inspiring. Its a must see if I might say.