Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So tomorrow is Christmas eve...and I am tired.

I went to work at 7am to observe how to draw blood for lab work. I will be starting Phlebotomy Classes in January and am excited. The company I work for will pay for it, our nurses just dont have time and honestly its one more thing that I can have knowledge of just in case my position gets cut, so I need to always be one step ahead.

Carlee had a Orchestra Concert last night and did amazing I was soo proud. Even more proud when my mom and I met Carlee and her dad for some mexican to see that she had a wet towel on her chin. Her dads comment"She bit beak in your high heel boots, I dont think she is ready for those type of shoes yet" DUH Ya think geesh, it wasnt large but deep to the bone. I butterflied it, gave her a kiss and her dad whisked her away to OKC until Friday.

So I am now just gonna crash, count my blessings, thankful for all the nice things people have given to me and done for me.