Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is Tina's coleslaw salad recipe that Ryan and Carlee absolutely love so its a double batch for Grandma B's Christmas at noon on Sunday.
The delived eggs are going as well. They are my father in laws favorite and he hasnt been feeling well so he really totally deserves these.
Then these are the Redneck Turtles, I heard Ryan cracking into these this morning in the fridge. He was breaking them apart off the tinfoil.
Speaking of tin foil or aluminum foil did you know it came in different thickness? UM YA!! Oh my goodness I
just buy whatever is cheapest. I guess it would have been beneficial for my Brownies that my intentions were to use cookie cutters and the FOIL STUCK BAD!! Thats when Ryan asked my why I bought the weakest foil, UH DUH! I had no cookin clue!
So thats what you see on the second picture from the bottom . The bottom pic is my craft participation for Cookies and Crafts at Flower Kathys tomorrow afternoon. I will have pics from both events to post here.