Friday, December 25, 2009

Today was the DAY family Christmas. I left home at 10:20 to head to the state line to pick up Miss Carlee. Then I had to come home to get in Ryans jeep because NOWAY would my car have made it down that road, my FIL had to get the tractor out to clear drifts SHEESH!!
MY Inlaws got me the coolest sweater and you will see me in it with pics tomorrow from my families Christmas.
The pictures down below are just a few from Carlee's Scavenger Hunt to get her to her Taylor Swift Tickets. It was great and she loved every minute of it. The last few years Christmas with Carlee has been us watching her. It was fun for all of us to follow her around as she tried to figure out where the next clue was. She honestly couldnt believe she got the tickets. It was soo hard to keep this a secret. It was a blast! Ryan got me a gorgeous Love Knot diamond necklace and when I can get pics I will share. I just wanted to share her excitement.


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

Merry Christmas...a little late!
Great family pic too!