Sunday, May 24, 2009

So here we are at Blackwell lake. Yes such a thing does exist I had to see it for myself but there it is in pictures for you. The lake isnt too far from Bramen Oklahoma but is a fun little spot and you pretty much just share it with Mandys family.
The pics are backwards but you get the jest, Brett (Mandys Brother) had to carry the kids to a certain point then let them slide off the moss covered dam and it was awesome. I did it twice and have the bruises to prove it. nothing like a little liquid courage or the fact that my best friend does it all I gotta be brave. As you can see even though the current was rough I was able to hold down the lawn chair we had bets going I wasnt heavy enough and I would float away but no go I won I am a determined WOMAN!! As you can see I was quite impressed with how close I could close in on the pics with some editing thanks to pointers from Kate Crandell. I WILL be purchasing a new camera but am looking around $300 any advice appreciated curious as to what you got Leslie.
At some point I did have the thought of my mom telling me it wasnt a good idea to allow the only child I gave birth to allow to do this but there were other parents and grandparents there so it wasnt completely wreckless!!
And I did it even though after a 5 hour motorcyle ride with my dad I was wanting and inflatable donut for my butt and the bruises are hurting but all in all not bad. We are both burned and I am sure thats what allowed me to get a nap in with Ryan. Or maybe just the need to be close to him for a while just us...OH and the dog every now and then. TeeHee XOXOXO


Cow Pies & Mud Pies said...

How fun! I haven't been to Blackwell Lake since I was a kid. It's quite the place isn't it?! Looks like a fun time...the weather this last weekend was awesome...we camped at the lake...missed your sis-in law and family.

Lovin my new camera...that's about the money I spent...
It's a Nikon P80. The cheapest place I found it was Walmart-online with $.97 shipping to my front door. Stop by and take a little looksy sometime!!