Sunday, May 17, 2009

So here is one of my first attempts after taking Kates Go Manual Class yesterday at Scrap Funattic. Granted I do not have a LSR camera and was wondering if I should own one. Right now I feel its best to get to know my camera for what it has to offer and get into its boxers and see what it can do for me.

I went completly manual and set my settings for outdoor pics so we shall see what happens I plan to do lots of practicing so be prepared to look and comment. Comments are important to me for those who understand this stuff. Laura? Kim? You out there? Advice?

I finished another book last night called "A Journal For Jordan" for those of you raising boys its a must for those of you needing a feel good story its a good one. Take time to read it this summer it makes you see things and life in a better light.



Kim said...

I've been practicing too Alicia. There is SOOOOO much to learn. It's a new adventure. This pic looks great.

Laura said...

I'm here too!!! That class was a little overwhelming for those of you without SLR's, since your buttons can be different...but you'll pick it up the more you practice. This picture is beautiful :) I need to practice more too! Good luck with your camera decisions.

*Do you happen to have any of the 12x12 Bo Bunny "Alyssa" paper?!? It's an apple green color, two-sided. I bought it in Andover, and I need just one or two more pieces ASAP for invites. Thought I'd check with you. Call me if you do...222-1473