Wednesday, May 13, 2009

almost a week has passed. BUSY BUSY weekend I was exhausted by sunday morning and we had church, lunch here at 1 and dinner at my in laws sooo tired!

Hubby had a great fishing trip here is his prize winner his personal best

he was pretty stoked to get this his first night! The fishing wasnt too great beyond that but he laughed (which he needed) and had a great time. I didnt do too bad holding down the fort I just exhausted myself.

I already had my dental days, Monday and Tuesday and that monday morning 6am alarm sucked butt OH MY! But the dental days are done until next week. They will be increasing our population soon so its only busier from here!

We have a busy weekend with pitching lessons with Carlee, Photo class for me in Andover, birthday party for Miss Josie and Graduation party sunday. C U SOON!